Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mike Hight (2nd posting)

A couple of years ago I posted a record by Mike Hight, which can be found here

Mike's daughter sent me an email, with some images and audio files and her permission to post them. So here they are:

Click here to --->>>Download

Mike Hight's Obituary in the Willamson Herald

Please give thanks in the comments to his daughter Shelley.


DrunkenHobo said...

Nice country I'm guess That the Rockabilly 45 by Bill Pollard Music By Mike Hight & The Rhytmnaires (1966) Ozark (CA) 45 - 2001 is the same person?

Bruce said...

Thanks for the images and music Shelley and spending the time to get this to Derek. It's always great to hear from the musicians, or relatives of the musicians about their music. The stories always make listening that much more enjoyable. Again thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for introducing Mike Hight to me Derik and Many Thanks to Shelley for allowing us to have the chance to hear her father sing.He is fantastic.

Shelley said...

DrunkenHobo, yes, it is the same person. Daddy used to perform with Bill. And Bruce and iShadow, thank you for your comments. I haven't been on here for awhile, so it was nice to see these posts! I'm so happy you enjoy his music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shelley I would be so proud to have him as a Dad.