Friday, January 26, 2018

Marvin Roberts (updated)

Using photos and information from the artist's nephew Lester, I am updating this post and moving it to the top of the feed.  Original posting was 10/28/11.  Thanks Lester.

Hi Derik,

Found your email on current post.  Here are a couple of pics of Marvin & one is with his wife, Novalene.  He was born Marvin Leon Roberts on Aug 13, 1936 in Atchison, KS & died Aug 5, 2003 in Arkansas.  From what I can remember these songs were played on the radio for a while but then pulled off because they found out his band was not a union band.  He loved music.  He won numerous music competitions. 

Thanks so such for doing this,

E & M 1650
Label location: ?
Pressed by: RCA
Year: 1965


Two Plus Two


Bob The Sponge said...

Derik, songs are written my Marvin --LEON-- Roberts according to the BMI database. The obituary is for a Marvin --A.-- Roberts. Different man, I believe. Cheers.

Mellow said...

Another addition for my E&M listing at arkanansas 45's! Thanks!

lester seyler said...

Marvin L Roberts is the singer of these songs. I have been searching for these a long time. Marvin was my uncle on my mother's side. Do you have this record? I would be interested in getting this. I have downloaded the songs. Thank you. Lester Seyler

Derik said...

Thanks for the comment. I do own this, but I don't sell records. Maybe we can find you a copy somewhere, if we look.
Do you have any biographical information or photos of your uncle? If so, I can add it to this blog post.

Lester said...

I'm not sure how to post a pic of Marvin here but if u send e ur email address I can send pics & bio. Thanks Lester

Unknown said...

That is my maternal Grandpa, if you reach out to my mom she has a copy. She wont sell it, but she might be able to help you find one.