Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Charley Horton

Link to info about Cavern: Cavern Custom Records Discography

Cavern 2213
Year: unknown

Picture Of A Fool

It's A Long Long Way To Kansas City

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Bruce said...

It was named Cavern Records because "The [Cavern] studio was in an industrial cave. The location was very quiet and had a great sounding "Civil Defense" vault that we used for an acoustic reverb chamber."

I don't think these are the exact caves, but here's a video of someone driving through what must be about the same thing, Pretty cool!!

lincolncadillac said...


Nicholas said...

Greetings from Kansas City. So, I was digging (no pun intended)into Cavern Records to find more information about a record I have in my collection from The Gene Moore Trio. I found your blog on my search. Thanks for sharing your record!