Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Red Johnson

Hep 2939
Year: Unknown

I'd Rain All Over You

Anything But Me

Hep 2932
Year: Unknown

I Took Your Memory For A Walk

Things You Promised Me

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Mellow said...

Johnsons still is in the music business, read more here: http://www.mkoc.com/redjohnson/bio.htm

Bruce said...

Thanks for posting up the Red Johnson, fantastic stuff. You just gotta love the inclusion of the mighty Wurlitzer in "Things You Promised Me" it sort of gives it that country-roller rink feel.

At present Red is playing the "retierment circuit" with dates in retirement homes, senior centers, trailer parks, small theaters and opera type shows. A number of the artists that I've managed to contact through these posts are doing the same and all seem to love it. I imagine it's rather low key, offers a bit of extra income, and allows them to perform in front of appreciative audiences.

Here's nice bio on Red who co-owned HEP with Bud Auge (Found in the album notes section) http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/redjohnson2.

Howdy said...

Didn't have this one Thanks! Red had Hep release that was re-released on capitol named There's A Star Spangled Opry Playing Somewhere a play on the Elton Britt hit

chuckhess said...

I worked with Bud Auge (who was Red Johnsons song writing buddy) in 1965. I still communicate with Red Johnson and see him in Minnesota every now and then. Remember Theres A Grand Opry Playing Somewhere?

Red Johnson said...

Hi I stumbled onto this site by Googleing my name and was pleasantly suprised, I think it's great that Derik takes time to do this. These cuts were done at Cookhouse Studios and some of the musicians as I recall were, Joe Tishmack Cord-o-vox Dick Mileski Steel Bob Kolhoff Bass Wes Vaughn Drums Doug Anderson & Lowell Laberge on Lead Guitars and of course produced by my late Great Friend John Voit

Red Johnson said...

Red Johnson Again, I will clearify what I said in my first note I'd Rain all Over You & Anything But Me were recorded in Columbia's Studio B with Buddy Killen producing. Lloyd Green is on steel guitar for one it was recorded about 1966. other songs on the session were Hidden Feelings & Big Brave Me. Hidden Feelings was my follow up song to "There's A Grand Ol Opry Show Playing Somewhere"
"I took Your Memory for A Walk & Things You Promised me were cut at Cookhouse or was it still Kay Banks at that time about 1963