Sunday, September 18, 2011

Buzz Hackman

Don't know anything about Buzz Hackman, but I have a feeling he is from Minnesota or Wisconsin. He performed in Rochester, Mn a couple of years ago, at some bar.

Welhaven 1938
Year: Unknown

Walk Me To The Door

Trouble And Me

Voice Of Country 137
Year: Unknown

Like I Do


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Bruce said...

As always thanks for the post. Great music from a man that's still out there performing in Rochester Minnesota, I actually found info that he's performing this week. I'm trying to contact him so we can get a bit more info on the records and his career. I'm especially interested in the Welhaven cut, probably mid 60's. On the VOC 45's the guitar work on Ann is great.

Derik said...

Where's he performing?

Bruce said...

At the American Legion Post #92 on Oct 14th and 15th. I thought I saw in the paper he was performing tonight at the same place, but I must have read something wrong.

Derik said...

Thanks Bruce. I just might drive to Rochester (about 70 miles from me) for that one. Maybe get him to sign my record?

Bruce said...

Report back if you do

Bonnie Jean said...

Buzz Hackman hasn't lost his touch after all these years. My folks used to go and see him live when they were younger. He has a special knack for working a crowd. I had the chance to sing on stage with him and the boys on Oct. 15th at the VFW in Rochester. What a great time it was. Thanks. Bonnie Jean

Country From Switzerland said...

all this mediafire links the don't work!! i can't get all this great music. don't know what happened. pleas use only zippishare, is much better!

kindest rene

Derik said...

new link added. About 6 months ago I switched to Zippyshare. There are too many old links to repair them all. So I repair them when people request it.