Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bob Atcher

Tiffany 1309
Year: 1954

Two Can Play Your Game

High And Dry

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Bruce said...

"Two Can play Your Game" - it's almost like tin pan alley collides with country. Great vocals on that one!

According to Billboard (7/31/1954) these two sides represent Tiffany's initial entry into the C&W field. Bob Atcher was doing double duty as not only the vocalist but also the newly appointed C&W A&R man. At that point the C&W division was not very large.

Derik said...

Bruce wrote:

It really is a Tin Pan Alley meets country sort of a thing. I guess it makes sense that it was Tiffanies first country release because at that point they were still a rather young label only getting their start in 1954 when Henry E Doney a Chicago businessman and former Hearst executive started the label in association with the Tiffany TV Production Company. He was an associate of the broadway producer George W Lederer which must have made Doney an older man since Lederer died in 1938 I ran down the songwriters a bit on those cuts. The most impressive was one of the High and Dry writers Milton Rettenberg who was a pianist, BMI's music editor, and was the first pianist other than Gershwin to perform Rhapsody in Blue. I think he also wrote some film music.