Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rene Waters

In 1964 Amos Heilicher took out a full page ad in Billboard advertising his recent releases. This was listed in the ad.

Golden Ring 3035 (Soma Pressing)
Year: 1964

Pass A Bale On Down

Sleepy Time

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DrunkenHobo said...

Thanks not heard this one before. Nice little Rockabilly 45.

Bill LaHue said...

Rene was my brother-in-law. He wrote many songs. Wish I had all his 45's. He loved to write and sing. Now passed.

Derik said...

Bill, thanks for your comment. Not sure why I didn't respond to it right away. Do you have any photos of him you could share, or any information? Almost nothing online about him.


Russell La Hue said...

That's my uncle. Great guy & singer.

Joe Donaldson said...

Jack was my first cousin who taught me so much about music, and the industry. A GREAT man! Our mom's were sisters ( Crane)