Monday, August 15, 2011

Promenade 54 & 55

Here are two promenade records. When you find these, seems about 90% of the time they are pretty far gone. People just didn't take care of them. Side A of 55-12 is unplayable and I wasn't able to get mp3s from it. So there are only 8 songs in the zip file. I didn't include theme from a summer place because it's an instrumental and who cares about another orchestral cover.

The folks who made Promenade (read about it here) were accused of not paying royalties for the records they issued. Their defense was that since these records were intended for home use only and not to be played on the radio, it was not necessary for them to pay anyone.

What In The World's Come Over You

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Rockin' Jeff said...

True story. I have a few of these- Children's titles, and they are totally trashed. Skipsville, USA.

Howdy said...

Promenade! Hallmark of Quality! :-)

Nokorola said...

I have many of these old records, and in contrast to you and the other commenters here, I'm fairly sure all of mine play fairly well. In fact, I actually just picked up four of Prominade's album-on-45 releases (they include 2 or 3 45s together that make up an album worth of music) in their original envelopes. By all means, I'm not saying these are particularly well made, I just know that there are good ones out there for pennys on the dollar if you look for them.


Derik said...

well, Philip it sounds like it's time for you to transfer them to mp3 and post them!

Anonymous said...

..had several of these as well, when I was very small. The one pictured (leading off w "Summer Place" & "Handy Man") actually has a diff. 3rd song. My copy ends that side with a cover of Anka's "It's Time To Cry". The other side was: "El Paso", "you've Got What It Takes", and a shortened version of Larry Hall"s "Sandy" GREAT MEMORIES