Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jean and Judi

I couldn't find anything about this label or the artists, but I have a feeling one of you will step up with info about it.

Dare (RCA Custom Pressing)
Year: 1963

Tell Me There's A Chance

Conscience Or Anger

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Bob said...

Thanks. Another opportunity to show my science :)

PK4M-1108 and PK4M-1109 are the RCA custom master numbers.

P, the first letter, point to a 1963 release (or mastering, more accurately).

When the RCA client didn't care about a coherent numerical series for his releases, RCA added their own release number. In this case :


First part (618L) is the RCA client number assigned to its client. The letter usually is the initial of the client (here, probably Ray or Ramon Langley, owner of the label?)

Second part is simply the 4 last digits of the A-side's master number.

Mellow said...

Seems to be a RCA Victor pressing. I also have United Southern Artists record with a RCA matrix and another number similar to this pressing. I have no idea what the second number stands for.

Derik said...

How does the letter P mean 1963? Did they use different letters for years?

Mellow said...

Yes Derik, so to say. I think they began pressing in 1953 with the first letter E, and then went on to use simply the next letter in the alphabet at some point.

Bob said...

Yes, different letters for years.

See RCA Victor Record Dating here :

DrunkenHobo said...

This has a page on rca custom pressings & explains how letters on labels can be used to identify year of pressing & is free Dean

DrunkenHobo said...

RCA Custom to recognise the master year.
The 1st 2 numbers are the the year when the record was mastered up to 1955. In 1955 They changed changed for only the 1st digit that indicates the year.

1954 = E$
1955 = F
1956 =G
1957 = H
1958 = J
1959 = K
1960 = L
1961 = M
1962 = N
1963 = P
1964 = R
1965 = S
1966 = T
1967 = U
1968 = W
Note RCA did not use letters i O Q V