Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Country and Western Jamboree

If you look closely at the front cover, you'll see the guitar strap reads "Drusky", even though he isn't on this album. False advertising?

Also, on "Fifty Acres of Peanut Land", it sure sounds like he's singing "Fifteen Acres" instead of Fifty. Guess the guy who printed the album cover wasn't listening closely to the lyrics. But I am!

Palace 718
Year: Unknown (196?)

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Country Boy Lance said...

These and 2 other albums were released in the early 60's and were taken from Starday's subsidary label Nashville records. This was a like a farm club label for Starday, not like Dixie which was a vanity label. These were released and if they did well would be re-issued on Starday proper. The other thing is the artists listed is inaccurate. For instance, "50 Acres Of Peanut Land" is by Johnny Moore not Stanley Alpine. "Top Ten In Heaven" is by Bill Dudley not Hank Payne. I'll get the rest of the correct artists for you. Thanks for posting this.

Derik said...

Thanks Lance. I had no idea the artist names were false. I also didn't know this was related to Starday.

Country Boy Lance said...

I looked through my Starday/Nashville records discography and here's what I came up with:

"Gotta Find Julie" ("Get Along Julie") - Lonzo & Oscar (Starday 436)
"Living, Learning, Trying To Forget" - Ray Presley (Nashville 5035)
"Monkey See, Monkey Do" - Ben & Bill (Nashville 5013)
"Intermission" - ??
"To Ray" - Bobby Pierce (Nashville 5098)
"The Dream" - ??
"Invitation To The Blues" -Red Sovine (Starday LP 132)
"Fifteen Acres Of Peanut Land" - Johnny Moore (Nashville 5071)
"Half A Love" - Ray Presley (Nashville 5035)
"Busy, Busy Man" - Dale Henderson (Nashville 5082)
"A Year And A Day" - Jimmy Simpson (Nashville 5022)
"Top Ten In Heaven" - Bill Dudley (Nashville 5036)

"Intermission" & "The Dream" my be under a different name. Not sure since I don't have the actual records. These records were released between 1962-1963. Hope this helps.

Rocky Lane said...

My database has "Monkey See - Monkey Do / One More Mistake" by Woody And Sam Jones on Buckingham 719.
Is this Ben & Bill? Which came first Buckingham or Nashville? What year?