Friday, July 1, 2011

Bill Laundy

Here's what record looks like when it's taken care of

Here's what a record looks like when it's not.

Let's keep our records clean folks. Keep 'em in a cool dry place and clean them with cleaning solution.

Bill sounds a bit like Slim Whitman on Isle Of Golden Dreams. One of my very first postings was this record which remains one of my very favorite 45s. It just sounds so good, both sides equally. Bill's friend Glenna sent me an email saying that Bill appreciated my posting it. Glad to hear he is still with us, although she made it sound like his health is not as good as it used to be. Glenna also told me Bill's wife made a cd of his records. Wish I could get a copy of it. Bill apparently was moving or cleaning out his house a few years ago and sent boxes of his records to the landfill. My ears hurt when I heard that! Well, Bill you've left your mark on me!

Spindle 9000
Year: unknown

Isle Of Golden Dreams

I'll Hear Your Name

Aw, heck I'll just let you download all 5 of the Bill Laundy tracks that I have: Mediafire


Anonymous said...

The Miller Sisters recorded "Isle of Golden Dreams" back in the the late 50's when they were at SUN records.

R.L. Sparks said...

On 2-1-2012 Bill Laundy passed away at home. The cancer finally got him. Obituary is available in the Kansas City Star obituaries.

The Hipster said...

RIP Mr Laundy, I have a complete tape of early recordings of Mr Laundy. Recorded at legendary Sun Studio in the early 60's (Madison Avenue). Probably an 10" out in a few month.

Derik said...

Send to me, I'll post it.

The Hipster said...

Yes I send you some songs when my 10inch out, I looking for any informations about Bill (photos, about his recordings, discography etc...), if anyone can help me, thanks in advance !