Thursday, July 7, 2011

B & S Discs

Ben and Helmi Stoller were the owners of B & S Records.

I posted a record a while back from a Deadwood SD label called B&S. Scott at Vintage Music Company in Minneapolis has allowed me to transfer a few other discs from that label. There are 4 records, and instead of posting them all individually, I'll put them all in one download and save you the time.

You can read a bit about the label in the enclosed scanned newspaper articles, which were generously provided by the Adams Museum in Deadwood, via a blog listener by the name of Bruce.

Thanks to Bruce and the Adams Museum.

Click here to ------>>>>>Download

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Bruce said...

Hey, if anybody has a copy of "Wonderful Wyoming" on this label let me know. I'd love a copy, or at least an MP3. I've chased down a bit more info on this release and even have a picture of Tootsie the Coyote who was quite famous and featured on the release. It was recorded not too far from where I live and features a bunch of Finnish players from the community.