Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Slim Whitman

Slim Whitman 1923-2013

One of the most beautiful voices in country music.  We'll never find another him.  Elvis' first big live performance was opening for Slim at an outdoor show in Memphis.

Imperial LP 9313
Year: 1966

I'll Never Find Another You

1. A Travelin' Man
2. Blueberry Hill
3. I'll Never Find Another You
4. At Mail Call Today
5. No One To Cry To
6. Lorena
7. I Remember You
8. Take It From Me
9. Hopeless
10. I'm Throwing Rice (at the girl I love)
11. Behind The Tear
12. At The End Of The Day

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zephyr said...

Many thanks Derik it was sad we lost such a great singer.