Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jimmy Jenson

Recar 102 (Kay Bank)
Year: 1968

There's A Man Who Comes To Our House


Mention My Name In Minneapolis



Bob said...

"Kay Bank" pressing. The prefix 8 in the pressing number 8-9224 means year 1968.

Derik said...

Thanks Bob.

Bruce said...

Here's a bit about Jimmy from his wwebsite

"For years Jimmy Jenson was widely known for his Scandinavian dialec and humorus songs. The first record co.(Kaybank) he worked with, attached the name "SWINGINSWEDE" to his albums. Actually Jimmy is Norweigen, Scotch, English, etc. He had 7, 33 1/3 albums recorded. In 1972 he had a song "We Could" as a pick hit in Billboard, also Album of the week. Now the lastest Genre for Jimmy is his Gospel Music. He has released 2 Gospel CDs. Jimmy also has his Christmas CD released. Look on Music Catalogs. He has another Gospel CD release "Wings of a Dove".. Jimmy was inducted into the" Mid-America Music Hall of Fame" a few years back. The years he was in Minneapolis he played most all country music. Worked at the Flame with most of the Country stars back at that time"

The cover to his album "Understand Your'e Swede" has the dubious honor of frequently being mentioned as one of the worst album covers of all time.