Friday, May 6, 2011

Zyndall Raney

Rimrock 263
Unknown Year (60s)

What Have I Done


Satisfied and Blue



Bruce said...

Sort of a night and day sort of difference between the two sides isn't there?

Looks like Zyndall is ready to help you in the recording, production and packgaging of your new CD.
There's good picture of him on the site.

Mellow said...

Thanks for this, I am currently working on a new project dealing with Arkansas 45s, I have also set up a new blog,
Zyndall was the son of Wayne Raney, he had at least one other release on Rimrock and later began to produce other Rimrock artists. He still owns the studio, I think.

DrunkenHobo said...

Rimrock 258 is 1968 & Rimrock 282 is 1970 so somewhere in between Is my guess. Another one for the Rimrock collection kepp 'em coming. Thanks.

Howdy said...

The Studio has been torn down but the underground echo chamber is still there. I don't have this one, Mucho Appreciaddo!!