Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vernon Dalhart

Victor 20193

An Old Fashioned Picture



Anonymous said...

That song is beautiful. Thanks.

King Krispi

Derik said...

I agree. Old-timey tunes often are.

Bruce said...

A big thanks for the post! Vernon and Carson were so well known in their time and so little known today, it's amazing. I think I read that Vernon Dalhart ended up working as a night clerk in a hotel in the latter years of his life, which if true is really sad.

The Orthophonically recorded notation on the label means it was electronically recorded (as opposed to yelling in a horn). Orthophonic actually refers to the model of the player made by Victor company that played the new elecronic recordings and reproduced it's sound better than the old machines. They sold a ton of them when they first came out in and around 1925 or 26' I think.