Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Trip To Tennessee

I put this playlist together for an upcoming trip in May for a wedding. Track number 6 was taken from the Hillbilly Researcher blog. Track 22 was taken from the France's Favorite 45's blog. I thank them for those tracks. If they want them removed, I will do so immediately.

To burn this to a cd, you'll have to remove a couple of the tracks, because it clocks in at just over 80 minutes which is the limit for CDR. It sure is hard to choose which 2 tracks to remove!

Mediafire download

1. Tennessee Wedding, (Dude Martin)
2. Hillbilly City, Nashville, Tenn (Ernie Benedict & His Range Riders)
3. Then You'll Be Mine, All Mine (Roy King)
4. Never Marry A Tennessee Gal (Roy Hall)
5. Tennessee Courtin' Time (Jean Opal)
6. Nashville Blues (Dave Dudley)
7. Tennessee Spelling Bee (Kenny Roberts)
8. Tennessee(Doye O'Dell)
9. In the Hills of Tennessee (Jimmie Rodgers)
10. Tennessee Rhythm (Ted Newton)
11. Hillbilly Jive With A Boogie Beat (Reece Shipley and the Rainbow Valley Boys)
12. Tennessee Border (Jimmy Work)
13. Tennessee Waltz (Roy Acuff)
14. Tennessee Rock 'N' Roll (Bobby Helms)
15. Tennessee Wig Walk (Bonnie Lou)
16. Sunny Tennessee (Cowboy Copas)
17. Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee (Charlie Poole)
18. Ten-Ten-Tennessee Line (T. Texas Tyler)
19. Take Me Back To Tennessee (Jimmy Wakely & Fiddlin' Arthur Smith)
20. Tennessee Choo Choo (Delmore Bros)
21. Trucker From Tennessee (Link Davis)
22. Hills Of Tennessee (Oda Mills)
23. Tennessee Saturday Night (Red Foley)
24. Tennessee Rock (Hoyt Scoggins and the Saturday Nite Jamboree Boys)
25. Tennessee Jive (Johnny Horton)
26. Rock And Roll (Tennessee Style) (Lou Walker)
27. My Little Home In Tennessee (The Carter Family)
28. Music Makin Mama From Memphis (R.D Hendon & His Western Jamboree)
29. Girl From Tennessee (Bobby Fields and the Harmony Four)
30. Nashville Blues (1109A) (Tommy Zang)
31. Tennessee Mamma (Carrie Thacquer)
32. Tennessee Baby (Merle Matts II)


Howdy said...

Very Nice!! I should have sent Tennessee Toddy All Ass No Body!,,,nah save that one for another time! Great Assortment thanks!!

JM said...

Awesome, D! Thanks so much! Will definitely listen to this on the plane ride down.

Aimee said...

Love it! See you this weekend!!

Dana said...

This is so great! I'm jamming the whole drive to Nashville. Thanks so much!