Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dick Cooper

This one's in rough shape, but hard to find. There was a skip in the reoord, which was repaired by someone who emailed it to me. Thanks, I've posted the repaired track.

D.C. 150
Unknown Year

I've Made Up My Mind



Mellow said...

The beginning of the A side sounds like a movie soundtrack.

Derik said...

Yes, it's the Walton's Theme!

Country Paul said...

This has to be 1962 or after - that's when zipcodes came in being. This record is equisitely ghastly - and I love it! Dick's nodding acquaintance with harmonic rhythm is only slightly less astonishing than the girls' response - they sound like the "Flo" radio ads for Progressive Insurance. This is a stone treat! Thank you!