Wednesday, April 6, 2011

78 rpm

Since I'm new to ripping 78s, I started out with some shoddy results but have gotten better at getting the audio to sound not so hissy. I've redone all 78s that I've posted so far and replaced the files on the blog. Just in case you have the time to download them again.

How am I doing?



Twobadeyes said...

You are doing a great job ... both finding and ripping interesting and rare tunes. Many people are extreme traditionalists and prefer the sound of the music as it occurred on the original records and players. You can't please everyone but you are making everyone very happy. Nice going!


Mellow said...

I agree with twobadeyes, it's great. Keep on doing this great job!

Anonymous said...

Love the rare tunes, I hope that you continue. I don't mind the hiss frankly. I've spent years listening to records, doesn't bother me at all. Heck part of the charm of 78's is the old hiss anyway LOL.