Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walt Shrum

Coast 239

You Two-Time Me One Time Too Often

Triflin' Gal


Bruce said...

Notice the "only for non commercial use for phonographs in home" printed on the label. Watch out Derik, Coast Records may soon be coming after you.

In the Dec 1st 1945 Billboard they have a nice discography of the label up to that point starting with #2001A side "We'll have a Rodeo in Tokyo and a Round-Up in Old Berlin" by none other than Walt Schrumm streching through this release and on to #2016 B side, "Souix City Souix" by Jimmy Walker.Cost was 75 cent retail, 45 cent wholesale.

Looks like Coast also did "American Folk" (was hillbilly considered folk in 1945?)and had was pressing and distributing "Discos Peerless", Latin releases recorded in Mexico City or as stated in the add I saw "true and authentic examples of music "Of Our Good Neighbors" (quotes in add). These were slightley more expensive than the regular Coast Records 1 dollar retail, 60 cent wholesale.

DrunkenHobo said...

Do you know which label & Issue numberl "You've Been Honkey Tonkin'" By Wat Shrum & Chas Peters is on?

Derik said...

No, I'm sorry I don't. Maybe someone else will know.