Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jules Herman Orchestra

I've never posted orchestra/big band music before, but this label is special and close to home.
The place on University Avenue where North Star was located is now a parking lot. Sad.

North Star 2015

Have You Ever Been Lonely

In A Persian Market


Bob said...

Reviewed by Billboard in the Sept. 3, 1955.

Have You Ever Been Lonely ? is described as follows :

" A routine treatment of the oldie, with a brief group vocal by the band and a businessman’s bounce beat."

*Business man's bounce :

(now out of date) a buoyant beat; once particularly current in the phrase businessman's bounce, which described a monotonous two-beat played at a fast and nervous tempo for the delectation of tired businessman and their partner's.

Derik said...

Thanks Bob.

Anonymous said...

I for one would love to hear more R'N'R, Hillbilly & Rockabilly on North Star Please.

Derik said...

So Would I! Alas, the records I've seen for sale so far have not been of those genres. I'd give my left thumb for that Chuck Carson record.