Friday, March 4, 2011

Minnesota Rocked! pdf

No record today. Just this book which I tracked down in the Minneapolis Public Library reference section. I was able to scan it without garnering suspicion. Sorry the file is so large, but I didn't want to loose quality. I made the file searchable, although when I typed in Dylan nothing was found despite the existence of that name in the document. Guess it's not perfect. Notice the entry for Chuck Carson in this book is not as complete as the one I created, so this is not to taken as the final word. It's understandable because the book was last revised in 1996, before the internet we know today. I didn't even have an email then!



Bob said...

Thanks Derik.

It's a very good idea to post that kind of informative book.

Anonymous said...

Same go's for me. Help me fill in a few blanks where LP & Cd compilers just don't give enough info on tracks Great Stuff The Drunken Hobo.