Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lee Babcock

I am happy to now have the capability to transfer 78rpm records. I've been getting lots of rare old C&W 78s from Vintage Music Company in Minneapolis. I volunteer sorting and organizing and get records at reduced prices. The owner Scott is also very knowledgeable.

B&S 7503
Unknown year

Beautiful Hills Of South Dakota (vocal - Evelyn Babcock Coffey)

Deadwood Dick


Bruce said...

I contacted the Deadwood Historical Society and sent them on the label scan and they were nice enough to get back to me with this bit of info

"The record was released in 1949. The recording studio was located in Deadwood, SD, and was owned by Ben Stoller and his wife Helmi. They wrote and recorded a number of songs and recorded songs by other local artists as well"

Bruce said...

Thanks for posting up all the interesting records to look up.

The Deadwood Historical Society is also sending me on some articles on the Stollers - if you send me on an E mail I will scan and send them to you immediately. If you like I can do a bit of a write up to post or not post, or if you like you can write it up yourself to post or not post. You post em' I just look em up. I certainly don't want to step on toes and by all means you and your wonderful blog should get the credit if credit is due. My E Mail is

Jonathon said...

Thank you very much for posting these songs and albums on your blog. Lee Babcock (passed away 11/2011)was my uncle, and Evelyn Bacock Coffee(passed away 11/2007) was my aunt. David, their youngest brother and the baby of the family, was my Dad.
Thanks again for sharing these memories for another generation to share.


Jonathon Babcock