Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jimmie & Eddie Dean

My label scans

Another pressing or reissue?

Here's a link with some info about F M Leham, the man who wrote this song in 1914 ^^^^

Decca 5023

No Disappointment In Heaven

Tell Mother I'll Be There


Howdy said...

Decca started off as budget label back in the thirties. I think they were selling their discs for either 39 or 79 cents compared to higher priced Victor and Columbia releases. They came into their own during and after WWII and became one of the big boys that would with the help of the parent company Music Corporation of America lead the charge to ruin the music business in the 70's and 80's. Oh, A little to wordy and bitchy, back in the thirties and forties they would reissue sides from time to time with other material in the archives.

Bruce said...

Your right Howdy,it was a budget label, financed by the English Decca company. There was a dispute between Jack Kapp who was to run the American side and E.R. Lewis who ran the English side. Kapp wanted a traditional 75,35,25 cent pricing Lewis insisted on a straight 35 cent pricing. Lewis, the money, won out. The label was founded on Kapps promise of bringing in Bing Crosby and Guy Lombardo, which he fulfilled. This after all was the depression and a major star was needed to bring in the buyers. It was founded Aug 4, 1934.

This nice bit of info comes courtesy of the book "Tatooed on Their Tongues" by Colin Escott. It's a great read and is highley recommended.