Sunday, May 5, 2013

Janette Eden

(revised post with newly found picture sleeve)

North Lake Productions 10653
Label location: Otter Lake, Michigan
Year: 1965
Pressed by: Columbia ZTSB 110023/110024 (dead wax)

You Turn Me On (and I light up)

Inspiration For The Blues

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Bruce said...

The B side is a Christmas Classic that never quite made it to classic.

North Lake Productions and Nugget Sound Studios were owned by Rudolph Koteles and located on beautiful North Lake in the town of Otter Lake Michigan about halfway between Flint and Saginaw only a bit farther east. Some other artists that showed up in a Billboard as having recorded for North Lake were Jan Eden, Kay Tolliver and Carl Berth. Carl shows up on the Rite Record Blog as also having recorded for Delta records out of Saginaw. In the June 26th 1965 issue of Billboard (pg. 35), North Lake ran a full page ad promoting their Kay Tolliver release, which was produced by Rudolph Koteles himself.In a true philanthropic streak Billboard mentions that in Nov of that same year Rudolph went down to Chicago with some of the North Lake artists in tow to donate several hundred records to the soldiers in Vietnam. I wonder if this release was one of them (it is a Christmas record after all) and if the troops liked it?

Derik said...

Thanks Bruce for the Billboard research. I was thinking it was a Minnesota label, but I was wrong. Guess other states have lakes too.

DJ BeatGirl said...

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs since I discovered it as part of Sound Opinions Xmas special 2010 presented by holiday music collector Andy Cirzan. As you love weird stuff on vinyl, I assume that you will love this!
But that's not why I'm commenting. On my copy, the previous owner has stamped a date: "DEC 13 1965" so I assume that 1965 would be the correct release year.