Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jim Adams

Danger 001

I'm posting two records I found yesterday from the Danger label. The Ballad of T.Eugene is about a murder that occurred in St. Paul, which was later fictionalized in the movie Fargo. Here is a summary from the IMDB webpage for that movie:

"In 1962, a St. Paul attorney named Eugene Thompson hired someone to kill his wife, Carol. Unbeknownst to Thompson, his man hired someone else to do the job. The second man fatally wounded Mrs. Thomspon in her house, but she managed to escape him. She went to a neighbor's house for help while her assailant fled the scene. The sloppiness and brutality of the crime attracted great attention. The murderers were quickly caught and gave up Thompson, who denied knowing anything about the crime for many years afterward."

Here's a book about the murder ----->>>>

Mr. Thompson is out of prison now and living in the twin cities. Learn more here

Ballad of T. Eugene

Ho Ho Ho

Danger 002

A.D.C. is an acronymn for Aid to Dependent Children. It is a cash assistance program which operated from 1936 to 1996. The singer is taking advantage of the Federal Gov't on both sides of this record. Pretty good!

Mail Myself To You

A.D.C. Baby

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