Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bud-Jet Country Western Hits Vols. I, II, III

These records compile Kay Bank recordings from mostly midwestern country artists from the 1960s.  The songs were originally issued on labels such as Golden Wing, Bangar, Twin Town and Re-Car.  Bud-Jet also issued another set of records called Top Teen Ballads, which compiled Kay Bank garage bands.  There was also a polka series, and an album by Jerry Smith called "Best Loved Hymns".  David Hersk, after he moved on from recording his Gaity records, got into printing and graphics, and did the covers for Bud-Jet LPs.  He says the original artists were never given royalties from the Bud-Jet discs.  They were sold for 99 cents in drug and dime stores, and probably gas stations.

I lugged these all the way over to the University of Minnesota map library so I could get high quality scans of the covers.  See how much work this blog is.

Bud-Jet 301,302 & 303
Year: 1966

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Howdy said...

Mighty Fine Indeed! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Got a Bud-Jet Top Teen Bands Volume 1, which is awesome!! Can't wait to find Volume 2.