Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pete Cassell

The Legend of Pete Cassell
1. Recitation and Introduction
2. Too Many Parties
3. A Message To The One I Love
4. Letter Edged In Black
5. The Last Letter
6. Oh How I Miss You
7. Waiting For The Ships That Never Come In
8. Where The Old Red River Flows
9. 'Neath The West Virginia Sky



Dave Thomas said...

Thanks for this

Norman said...

That is my mother (Ruth) in the picture with pete around phonograph she is still alive and kicking at 88. I get her talking about those days and she will go on for hours if you let her. They had 2 children Jean and Roy (my step sister and brother) Roy is not with us any longer he always had the dream to follow in his fathers foot steps but just couldn't carry through with it. He sang preety good. Jean is still alive and well and retired. My name is Norman Whitesides and here in Jacksonville Fl.

Rick said...

Thanks for posting this (and keeping the link hot so long afterward!) I had this on vinyl but lost it during a move many years ago, so I'm happy to hear it againl