Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slim Jim

Linear notes:

One of the most easily recognized voices in all of Twin Cities radio from the mid-Thirties to the mid-Forties, was that of Slim Jim. Farmers timed their chores so they could be in the kitchen to listen to the noon program, sponsored by a local furniture store. Slim Jim (Ernest Iverson) and The Vagabond Kid (Clarence Iverson), his brother, put on a half hour of songs, hymns, and recitations six days a week; The Saturday noontime radio show featuring talent from the surrounding area.
The Brothers were so popular that a stroll down any block in Minneapolis on a warm summer day could result in your hearing the entire program, drifting out of open windows.
Slim and his brother were a musical influence on many generations of Mid-westerners, as those who listened to them would pass those songs on to their children. Slim's untimely death in 1958 at the age of 53 brought an end to over 30 years as an entertainer, most of those years in the Twin Cities.
While early radio personalities in other locales have been well documented by re-release of old records, Slim and the Kid, as popular as they were, have had little in recorded music to remind us of those years. A few early 78's by Twinco and F/M have survived, but are not really representative of the Slim Jim radio style.
Now, with the cooperation of DeLoris Iverson, Slim's widow, we have been given permission to reproduce over 100 of Slim's songs, just as he did them years ago when music was simpler and he words were important. If this album proves successful, more will follow.

Side One
1. I Know There Is Somebody Waiting
2. Fool's Paradise
3. Peeking True Da Keyhole
4. Jeg Er Sa Glad Hver Julekveld
5. Rose Of Old Pawnee
6. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
7. It Is No Secret

Side Two
1. The West, A Nest, And You
2. McNamarra's Band
3. Coo-Coo Waltz
4. Mocking Bird Hill
5. Play A Simple Melody
6 My God And I


Wiki article about the brothers Iverson


Howdy said...

Kewl! I Have A still sealed copy of this! Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

Just listened to Slim & loved it. Hopefully the response is overwhelming cuz i'd love to get the rest of the songs.

Bedetje said...

Thank you for this special voice and the great comment.
Have a nice day gentleman.

Anonymous said...

I am caring for a woman whose father drove their bus. Because of Slim Jim and the Vagabond kid she has been a fan of country western all of her life

Highlander said...

Ingebreten's Scandanavian Gifts at Bloomington and Lake in Minneapolis os carrying CDs of four of the Slim Jim albums. They have a website. This is the only place I have found the Iverson's work.