Friday, January 14, 2011

Jimmy Jenson

Continuing on the theme of Scandihovian. I smudged the label trying to get the price tag off with Goo-Gone. I really wish vendors wouldn't put stickers on records. It bothers me.

His name is mispelled on the label. All other records say "Jenson".

Bangar 614 (Kb 4308)

Little Grass Shack



Howdy said...

I have "Yimmy Yenso" on Jay Singing about his Viking Snow Mobile back with left a little lessa! What A Guy!!

Derik said...

Please post! Would love to hear it.

44corky said...

Have you tried Ronson lighter fluid to remove stickers?

Derik said...

No, I haven't. Wouldn't that leave a smell?

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like Bobby Aro.

Thank you btw this great site.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Aro.