Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eddie Fontaine

"Fontaine went into the studio at his own cost and cut a demo of a song he had written using guitarists George Barnes and Eddie O'Connor, drummer Cozy Cole and two others. He submitted the demo to publisher Gene Goodman in the hope that he would get the song placed with a record company, but there were no takers initially. Eddie then signed with Tommy Valando's Sunbeam label and rerecorded "Nothin' Shakin'" for them. Soon after the release of this new version he found out - to his dismay - that his original demo had been sold to Chess Records without his knowledge and had acquired three additional writing credits : by Diane Lampert, John Gluck, Jr (later co-writer of "It's My Party") and Cirino Colacral. This original version came out on Argo 5309 in August 1958 and climbed to # 64 on Billboard's Hot 100, the only chart entry of Eddie's career. "Nothin' Shakin'" was also released in the UK (London HLM 8711) and was later recorded by the Beatles (for the BBC), Billy Fury and Craig Douglas, among others" - Black Cat Rockabilly Website

Sunbeam 105

Argo 5309


Anonymous said...

Never knew that there were two versions. I remember the song from the film The Girl Can't Help It.

Thanks for the education!

Best wishes and thanks for the music on the blog.


Derik said...

Thank you very much. Yes, Eddie was in the film, but the song he performed was called "Cool It Baby".

Andromeda International Records said...

A mega-rare Argo Records #5309 pressing of the original "Nothin' Shakin'" has just been discovered on 78 rpm. Chess Records, Argo's parent label in Chicago, continued to issue now called late 78s, simultaneously with the 45 rpm format, from 1958 through 1960 although the format was being discontinued by major and independent labels in favor of the 45; while 78s from this period are not hard to find from the Chess- Checker-Marterry (i.e. the latter being the short-lived forerunner to Argo) labels, the late Argo 78s apparently had fewer copies issued and are impossible to find, including the later, legendary swamp-pop hit "This Should Go On Forever" by Rod Bernard on Argo #5327, the only other late Argo 78 confirmed over 30 years ago. This original 78 rpm of "Nothin' Shakin'" is indeed the most valuable record ever issued on Eddie Fontaine---Mark Matlock/Andromeda International Records