Monday, November 8, 2010

Cager Rose (1st post)

All I know about Cager Rose is that he died in 1965 here in Minnesota, and was buried at Fort Snelling, which means he was in the military at some point in his life. The obit in Billboard also states that he had just returned from a tour with Red Foley. He wrote both of these songs.

Kay Bee 1169 (Kay Bank 3372)
Year: 1962

Why I'm So Sad And Blue

My Little Yo-Yo

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Bob said...

Three other Kay Bee releases are listed in the Rockin' Country Style discography here :

which is giving a Minneapolis address.

Information on the RCS website is usually reliable, BUT in this case I believe there is a possible confusion with the Kay Bank studios (and pressing plant) indeed located in Minneapolis.

This Kay Bee label was rather likely based in Wisconsin and linked with Cuca Records (distributed by?, subsidiary of?) out of Sauk City, Wisconsin.

Hope this helps.

Derik said...

Thanks for the info Bob.