Sunday, October 3, 2010

Charline Arthur

A nice page on the life and times of Charline Arthur ->>>>
I find it interesting that her record label dropped her because she wouldn't wear dresses and behave like a lady onstage. But she stood up to them. Can you imagine the shoutin' in the boardroom of the company that day!

This one is from 1955.

Flash Your Diamonds (and show your gold)

b/w Too Long, Too Many Times


Howdy said...

Charline was a firecracker, She knew the audience she was playing too and would not listen to what Chet and the boys were telling her! Thanks Derik!

Derik said...

yeah, have you seen the home videos of her on Youtube? In her living room, a very intimate setting. hard to tell what year it was filmed though.

Mellow said...

Good to see you back!