Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hank Snow

Bob with friends at Herzl Camp.

Last year Christie's auction house had for bid what they were calling handwritten lyrics of a song Bob Dylan wrote at Herzl summer camp in Wisconsin, when he was just 16 in 1957. In reality, the words Dylan wrote were taken from a song by Hank Snow. When reading the story, I of course wanted to hear the song, but couldn't find it so easily. It's a pretty obscure tune, and who knows where Dylan heard it. Since it's common knowledge that Bob has the ability to hear a song once and know it, I'm thinking he heard it on the radio.

Little Buddy - 1948


mrb394ever said...

Thanks. Hank's in great voice.

I have a collection I call "Sad Songs That Make Me Smile" . . . cheatin' songs and drinkin' songs divorcin' songs and the like. But I think I'll need to start a new category for "Buddy" -- "Sad Songs that Make Me Cry."

Chill said...

Local Loser Wake up and feed the masses! We Need More! Thanks for this one!!

Derik said...

Oh, hi Red. I have been busy with end of job and moving to a new city for grad school, so my record player (the one used for ripping) is in a box. with grad school, I hope I'll still have time for this blog. we'll see. it was fun and i want to keep it up, but it takes time as you of all people know.

Thanks for the kind words,

Xavier Maire said...

Hi! Derik,
Seems like older posts are inactive, say in 2009. Start button doesn't work, neither sharing.
Greetings from France