Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sara Grey

This is an album of traditional folk songs from the British Isles. Not too exciting, but a nice listen in some places. I only go for the tracks with both singing and instruments. So a lot of this album doesn't appeal to me because I get bored just listening to the voice alone. Feel like I'm in church or something.

Sara Grey W/ Ed Trickett - 1970 (Folk-Legacy label)

1. Rigs of Rye
2. The Two Sisters (voc only)
3. Sandy River Belle (instr.)
4. The Horse Trader's Song
5. Few Days (voc only)
6. Open the Door Softly (voc only)
7. Fair Flower of Northumberland
8. Fiddler's Green
9. The Texas Rangers (voc only)
10. Raspberry Lane
11. Boatman (instr.)
12. Grey Funnel Line (voc only)
13. Cowbeb of Dreams


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Kegan said...

Thanks for this obscure posting, it's always nice to find something new, ans I look forward to finding a new potential favorite album.