Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The New Lime

This is one of the first 45rpm records I ever bought. I heard it in some guys garage on a Caliphone record player and bought it then and there. Don't know much about New Lime, except they're from Ohio. Garage band from the 60s.

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Sunny - 1968


The Hunter said...

I see that this record has the "burn" mark. From what I recall,when we moved to town and got our first house with electricticy, the folks purchased a record player. It was a NICE one, blue and white BIG desktop model with automatic changer, it came with 65 FREE records. All those 45's had the "Burn" mark that exists on this record. One of them was Little Grass Shack/Hilda, and I have grabbed that from your blog so I can remember those days before Kennedy was killed when we lived in Camelot!

The Hunter said...

Looks like another of the FREE records that came from the Sears Catalog that the folks got back in the very early 60's. They had that BURN spot on the label I still have a few dozen of that collection in my old 45's unless my kids have taken them. I think they are still in that little green holder that the wife had when I married her on the same weekend that most of the hippys were gitting stoned at Woodsock back in '69.