Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Mann Named Lorene

Lorene Mann had a minor career in the 1960s and early 70s, more as a songwriter, I think, than a singer. I've posted a couple of her 45rpms in the past, and now and pleased to get my hands on a full album. It might be her only one as a solo artist. She wrote the tune "Don't Go Near The Indians", although I don't have her version of it, if any exists. A female songwriter with a minor singing career in the 60s? Sounds like Liz Anderson's story. Guess Lorene didn't have the looks to compete with Bobbie Gentry or Jeannie C. Riley. I'm standing by this Mann.

1. Color Him Father
2. Daddy Sang Bass
3. Stand By Your Man
4. All I Have To Offer You (is me)
5. Stranger At The Funeral
6. You Used To Call Me Baby
7. Tell It All
8. Don't Put Your Hands On Her
9. So I Could Be Your Friend
10. One Of Them
11. Stay Out Of My Dreams

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Red Neckerson said...

Lorene recorded a series of duets with Archie Campbell during the mid sixties.

Harlan Taylor said...

She also recorded some great duets with Justin Tubb. There was an LP where there were a couple of duets of them and a couple solo songs each. Great 60's country.

Thanks for sharing this one.


Derik said...

Yes, if you look at the first 45rpm I posted last summer, I wrote about her more. Didn't want to repeat myself

glad you like the album

Kegan said...

Derik, a lot of the DivShare links are dead it seems; I tracked this blog daily, and had a lot of your music on a hard drive that failed me as soon as I copied it over...lost the 45s, most of Red's and Harlan's music.

Is there any way you could do re-ups? I especially liked Lorene singing "Slip(ping?) Away" but only saw it on the Chart 45, and not the album.

Can't even believe you have an album, kudos and thank you!

Derik said...

I just tested Slip Away, and it works for me. Try again.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I try and get some up this weekend.

Have you seen Red's new 45rpm blog? It is very cool.

Kegan said...

Well, what I meant was most of the Divshare links won't even appear under the posting; I get the white bar where it should be to play it, but it never fully loads.

And yes, Red's new site looks awesome; I really like that image of the 45 player; wish I could find one like it.

No worries about the delayed postings; life gets busy, I know :)

Derik said...

Sometimes when I try to load the blog (or another blog), I get the same thing, just a white box. To solve this, I load just the one posting, instead of the the newest 10 or 20. Click on the link to that posting and your browser should load just that posting alone.

Dave Thomas said...

Thanks for this it's a pity "Hide My Skin" isn't on the album.
Great Stuff, thanks

Mike said...

Many thanks for making this album available, i have looked for this for many many months. it is most appreciated.
Mike J