Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chuck Carson (1st post)

Here's a link to image scans of the article (2 pages = 2 images)

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Gaity 6112

Hominy Grits

b/w Laughing Girl


peterrocker said...

Fascinating stuff!!!
Thanks for posting
Pete in Oz

Mellow said...

cool post, thanks. did you get my e-mail?

Red Neckerson said...

Holy Crap!! I was all set to here a cover of a Smiley Burnette Cover and then find its a Battle of New Orleans rip Off!! Awesome!

Derik said...

Thanks for listening Red. Maybe Chuck just wrote some new lyrics, but that's alright I guess. Half of dylan's first 3 records were other people's melodies.

NVR said...

Is this the Chuck Carlson who is credited as co-author with Bill Monroe for three songs Monroe recorded in 1962: "There Was Nothing We Could Do," "I Was Left On The Street," and "Cheap Love Affair"?


Derik said...

This is a response I got from Chuck's daughter after I posted this record:

Hi Derik,
Back then, as you probably know, it was not unusual for many artists to "borrow" the music, maybe not use the same lyrics, and re-record lyrics to the original song. It seems to me I had heard this before about Hominy Grits. At the time the copyrights, trade marking, patents etc were not real effective. So I guess it would not surprise me if this had happened. Chuck Carson wrote many of his own songs, co-wrote with other artists and sang for other writers as well & the labeling was not always correct. I guess this why we are somewhat reluctant to release to many of his recordings until we have time to investigate further & protect them properly. Seems like they become public domain & that is a problem. And, I don't want my family ticked at me! Thanks

and a response to the question by NVR about songwriting credits:

Left on the street. w & m Chuck Carson (words & music)

There was nothing we could do. w & m Chuck Carson. (words & music)

Cheap love affair. w & m Bill Monroe, Chuck Carson (words & music)

Laughing girl. w & m Bud Auge (Henry Joseph Auge, Jr.) & Chuck Carson

We do have many of the songs he wrote. Being that he was inducted into the Minneota Rock & Country Hall of Fame in 2005 (which has a new name now, Mid-America Music Hall of Fame)

GatrsLadi said...

Hi Dreik,
I am Chuck Carson's niece. It's great to finally find information and music from him. I have one of his records packed away, they are very hard to find. Thanks for the memories!

Rick Whitehurst said...

About Chuck Carson I found an old 78 acetate recorded at Kay Banks studios called "Squaws along the Yukon" I believe it may be CC doing a hilarious cover of Hank Thompsons hit. Does Chucks Daughter have any idea if her dad did "Squaws along the Yukon" I know he recorded at the Kay Bank studios in Minneapolis and was on SOMA records for a bit in the 50s???

Thanks Rick Whitehurst

Anonymous said...

Would you please explain your title "Some Local Loser?"

Derik said...

Please see this for an explanation of the blog title: