Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jimmy Bowen

I posted a 45rpm today by Frank Gari, then the blogger at Rockabillyranch posted an entire cd, so I am deleting mine. Don't want to be duplicated or outdone by other blogs. So let's see if anyone has this one.

I'm Sticking With You


RecordCollector said...

I bet someone dumped some CD's of Jimmy Bowen too. And I don't really care if they do, I rather read a post, where you can see some had put some time in it, then a blog that dumps only cd/albums.
It's just the effort only that makes a blog interesting for me.
So just keep up the good work, and don't loose that personal touch! :-)


Ghost said...

LocalLoser? Not Jimmy Bowen. He is STILL a major record producer today. He did EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY for Dean Martin and all that other crap. He was married to KEELY SMITH after she divorced Louis Prima. He's a big deal, particularly with the MAFIA types associated with the music Biz

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Bowen's 'I'm Stickin With You' was a big hit and is commonly available on many CDs.

Derik said...

Thanks everybody for the kind words. I guess this one wasn't so rare after all. Didn't know he was married to Keely Smith. I like her a lot.

I was happy to see the ticker pass the 10,000 mark yesterday. So I figure at least 500 people have visited, some clicking more than once. Blogger math.

KL from NYC said...

Don't worry about other people's posts because you can't second guess what people are looking for. You probably didn't know I needed this label scan -- Thanks.
BTW, Everytime I come across a story about Jimmy Bowen in the entertainment industry (usually the country market), it's something unflattering. It seems he got burned by Morris Levy at Roulette and became a mean SOB afterward.