Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great New Stars of Country Music

Another budget compilation packed with unknowns, this one by Guest Star Records. My favorite track here is Cryin' For My Baby. It's unusual.

Roger Miller - Who Shot Sam
Tibby Edwards - Fool That I Was
Merle Kilgore - Just Before The Battle
You Always Won - James O'Gwynn
George Jones - Maybe Little Baby
Frankie Miller - It's Not Easy
Dottie West - Men With Evil Hearts
Dave Dudley - Where Do I Go From Here
Clyde Beavers - Cryin' For My Baby
Benny Barnes - Penalty

Click here to --->>>Download


1verycoolguy said...

Wow, thanks. I had this one way back in the 1980's before I got rid of it and a lot more. I wish now that I had kept them. Anyway, thanks again for this post.

mr_mjb1960 said...

The link's now dead..could you repost it again,Please? I've been looking for this for ages! THANX!

Derik said...

New link done.