Sunday, November 8, 2009

Denny & Jack

 Denny Dale (real name Dennis Gudim) and Jack Kollodge  Denny was bassist for the Fendermen and Jack Kollodge played with the Keith Zeller & The Starliners.  Ron Gjerde owned the LeJac and Agar labels, using his basement as the studio (source: Garage Hangover blog).

Lejac 3001 (Kay Bank 5-5551)
Year: 1965

Love You Everyday

Why did You Leave Me

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Derik ! Love this obscure stuff!

Anonymous said...

Really a great one!!

Can you also post the label of the flip-side?

... and do you know if they had more releases?

Thanks in advance!

Derik said...

If you download the mp3s, and then play them with iTunes, you'll see the artwork with the label scan. I don't know if they did anymore records. Couldn't find anything about them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Derik, don't have an iTunes ... but thank you anyway!