Monday, November 23, 2009

Chase Webster

Ok, I feel real good about this one being fairly rare. This is a very Roy Orbison sounding tune. Tell me if you agree. Gary Daniel Bruce was his real name. Other songs he sang were:

Moody River/Turn Out The Lights
On Dot Records:
Could This Be Magic/Sweethearts In Heaven
For Sale/Patty Cake
Handful Of Friends/I Can't Walk Away
I'll Light A Candle/Like I've Never Been Gone
The Town Sleeps Through It/Your Old Love Letters

On Cameo:
Cry Cry Darling/Suit Cash
Uptown/Where Are You

This is by no means a complete discography. Just what I got at first search.

Life Can Have Meaning - 1964

b/w Where Is Your Heart Tonight


Connie said...

i have always been a fan of chase webster's , would love to see pictures of him . met him once at his farm in peytonsviile tn. this was in the 80's. if anyone has pics. of him please share. thanks

Derik said...

The only picture I've seen is on this album cover:

I am glad to finally get a comment about this record.

Anonymous said...

Gary (chase) is actually my mothers first cousin, we still live next to him out here in peytonsville. You can find him outside workin around the farm in his cowboy hat everyday. We got him to sing moody river for last year at christmas dinner and he still sounds exactly the same as he did when moody river was released. Any questions just comment. Might even be able to find a picture of him in our old family photo albums.

Derik said...

Oh, thanks. Say hi to Gary for me. I wish I had the 45 of Moody River, but I haven't been able to find it yet.

emb1st said...

I just happen to have one of the original releases of Moody River and an autographed picture. But more importantly, I'm good friends of Frank Slay who not only produced the original but issued it on his own label. Another interesting fact is, Frank named Chase. For further items on this noted artist, I highly recommend checking out EBay. You would be surprised at what you may see available.