Monday, November 30, 2009

Benny Martin

Floyd Cramer had his piano, Chet Atkins had his guitar, Bill Monroe had his mandolin, Kenny Buttrey had his drums, and Benny Martin had his fiddle. Benny invented and introduced his 8 string fiddle while he was recording for Decca. Hooray for innovation. Hope that makes up for the somewhat offensive lyrics. Might wanna cover your ears around the 1:10 mark, cause he lets all 8 strings go, Jimmy Hendrix style. I read also that Benny liked to dance around the stage while playing. Must have been quite a sight. Wonder if he ever fell off the stage?

Couldn't find a recording date for this one. I place it somewhere between 1955 and 1960.

Border Baby

My Fortune (feat. Jo Ann Martin)


Anonymous said...

Nice find. This Decca single was released in August 1958.
Have you heard his great RCA cut "Hoebe Snow"?

Derik said...

Thanks for the date. Where did you find it?

No, I only have one more mp3 by Benny, taken from a record posted by Uncle Gil (parade of bluegrass).

If you'd like to share "Hoebe Snow", I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

OK. Let me know how to get the rip to you and I'll send it with the label shot.

Anonymous said...


It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!