Friday, October 2, 2009

Sally Massey

I sure appreciate it when labels put which is the A side/B side. It makes things much easier for us bloggers. I also like it when you see a radio station copy that says "Plug side". However they never write anything about what to do with the other side. Here's a few suggestions:

-Don't Bother
-We didn't really think this one was good enough for an album
-You could play this side too if you have time
-The song you didn't pay for
-We didn't really want the artist to record this one, but they insisted

I Miss Those Little Things

b/w If I Have To Turn Out Bad

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Anonymous said...

Ms.Massey is/was a c+w singer from the west Michigan area. She's released many 45's (from the early 50's up to the mid-60's). This Sims 45 is one of the later ones.