Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rosemary Clooney

Anyone speak German? I'd love to know what she's singing.

The Loudenboomer Bird - 1958


Mellow said...

I'm a native German but I can't tell what Rosemary is singing - I even understand the English better, because she has a strong accent, too strong for me to understand what she's singing. All I can tell you is that she's singing about that bird - something like "the little little birdie that wakes me up" or so.


Derik said...

oh, thanks for the comment. Is Loudenboomer a german word? Can't find it in the dictionary. Do you like the song?

Mellow said...

No, Loudenboomer isn't a German word. Hm... Maybe it's not German what she sang, but Dutch? Loudenboomer sounds like Dutch, but I can't find it the dictionary, too. Well, Clooney's pop songs are not that sort if music I'm usually listening to, but you have other great music on your blog! Do you own more of the Tops 45s?

S said...

It's part German, part English, part gibberish. I think it's done intentionally to sound funny (a bit like "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt").

I hear, "It's the kleine kleine fliegel flugel ausgewechene beagle bugel eargesplitten loudenboomerbird!"

Aufgewechene probably to mean "waking-up" - dialect? Just bad German? Beagles and bugles are both rather noisy. Eargesplitten is just silliness (Google it for an amusing later use of "Eargesplitten Loudenboomer" in the firearms world). The background singers are definitely hamming it up with their exaggerated "German" accents.

Next time I'm in Santa Cruz, I'll try to take a look at the sheet music - Too bad they haven't scanned it, but eventually someone will...

Anyway, charming song. I'll have to harass my part-German, young-during-that-era, mom with it.


Derik said...

Thanks "S". I'm glad you like the song and were able to clear things up. I had a feeling it was some sort of zany gibberish. It's a fun song though.