Friday, September 11, 2009

Hurricane Barb Huber

Found this one at the local thrift store. After a little google sleuthing, I found that Barb was a local Minnesota country singer in the 60s. Her high school alumni newsletter has a profile of her career. You can read it here and see a couple of photos: Barb Huber. It is a pdf file. Scroll down to page 7.

Rags (upon my shoulders)

b/w Love (is the answer for the world)


Red Neckerson said...

Barb Lookin good in the hip huggers! Thanks for this one buddy!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I'm not sure if you look at these comments anymore, but my Grandma is actually hurricane barb. She laughed at the "hip huggers" comment.


Derik said...

Thanks Lala. Say hi to Barb for me. I know she made one or two more records, one an LP of a live recording.

Would love to talk to her sometime.

take care,

Joseph Ingersoll said...

Barb Just did a 1 hour Christmas set
at the nursing home I'm where i am saying. She still has "it". I am glad she came.

Derik said...

Alright Barb. Way to go.