Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Money Greases The Wheels

Dallas Frazier penned this tune in 1965, and it became a minor hit for Ferlin Husky in '66 who performed it in the movie "Las Vegas Hillbillys" with Mamie Van Doren.

Dallas wrote the song "Elvira", which became a huge hit in the 80s for the Oak Ridge Boys. As a kid, I couldn't get away from the song. I remember seeing them perform it on a parade float on TV once, could have been the macy's day parade. I couldn't have hated them more at the time, mostly due to the "boom chaka boom chaka" element. Ugh. I hope Dallas at least made a bunch of money off it.

I picked up this 45 at an antique store in Hastings, Minnesota near my parents house.

Mercury 72279
Year: 1965

Money Greases The Wheels

My Little Swing Broke Down

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Your on a roll! Another Good un!! Keep em Coming!