Monday, August 24, 2009

Lorene Mann

Searching google I found Lorene had a minor career in the 60s as a songwriter and duet artist, pairing up with Justin Tubb and Archie Campbell

According to Praguefrank's, this single was done in 1970. Can't tell if it's the b-side or the a-side. I like the sweetness of the song. She was a songwriter as well as a singer, and this is some fine writing. I've transcribed the lyrics because I like them so much:

Oh this daytime world of mine
Is a lonely place
My heart’s breakin’ all the time
Teardrops on my face

Then I go to that other world
Where happiness awaits
When the sun goes down, and we slip away

I’ve told me so many times, half a world won’t last
And your future can’t be mine. She’s been in your past
But I forget how long it is, and what a price I’ll pay
When the sun goes down, and we slip away

Slip away, slip away, oh when the sun goes down, and we slip away

Slip Away


Anonymous said...

Seems like a nice blog with some good music, however almost none of the links work (prob y u get almost no comments)The zip file links r ok but all the others r just blank white boxes, gee i really wanted to hear some of them Like this one, but no, just a blank white box where the link should be :(

Some Local Loser said...

I tested all the links, and they seem to be working for me. Maybe the embedded divshare player requires something on your end, like java or something like it.

Anonymous said...

Divshare player, i thought thats what should b in the blank boxes, that uses Flash player, i have the newest version installed & working, and it does work properly on every site that uses the Divshare player except this one, and i have already tried everything to get it to show here, oh well thanks anyway, at least the zip file links work :)

Kegan said...

DivShare's working fine for me; please post more of Lorene if you find her!

I appreciate all your hard work. I've got a mild case of cerebral palsy, so I'm pretty much in the house online. Love the older, obscure stuff, keep it up!

Derik said...

You're welcome, of course. I will be posting one of Lorene's albums next week. Be sure to check back

Anonymous said...

Terrific song. I'm going to buy the 45 on e-bay.

reservatory said...

This one is a real beauty! I've loved a cassette of All I Have To Offer You Is Me for years and it's great to finally find more. THANKS!