Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Liz Anderson

For the full story on Liz, I refer you to her wiki page:

Well, it's not the full story since they don't say what she's doing nowadays. My guess is she's playing in retirement resorts and homes. I wonder....

I recently found one of her records at the goodwill, and was surprised to find she's from Minnesota. I also didn't know she's the mother of Lynn Anderson, famous for the song "Rose Garden" in the 70s. I think the elder Anderson is more worth listening to, since she wrote her own songs. This is a 45 of a Burt Bacharach cover she did in '72. Also another mp3 of her song "If the creek don't rise". I've also put together a Zip file with all the 45s I have, not available on her LPs.

Liz Anderson 45s (new Mediafire link - August 2011)

I'll Never Fall In Love again

If The Creek Don't Rise


Anonymous said...

A good Liz Anderson story is when Merle Haggard was taken to her house to here her do a demo of My Friends are gonna be Strangers. Merle was taken a back at this housewife looking person banging on an old upright piano singing a honky tonk song!

Rocky Lane said...

IMHO, nothing else she ever did that I've heard comes remotely close to her "Mama Spank". That steel guitar is just outta this world!

Anonymous said...

FYI: The zip file is not longer available. the link open a file not found page.

Rocky Lane said...

I just clicked on the .ZIP link and it downloaded OK from a place called Mediafire.