Thursday, August 27, 2009

Katy Richards

Will the real Katy Richards please stand up?

Compatible record label was a low budget outfit, selling covers of the hits of the day back in the 1960s. Imagine standing in line at the drugstore and looking down at a metal newspaper stand full of records, all for less than 2 bucks. They had a corral full of people with a little bit of talent and a willingness to record no matter the circumstances. Another blog which is now gone posted a 20 volume record set called Current Hits, also by Compatible. I was lucky enough to download all 20 before the blog disappeared. Anyhow, I found 3 tracks also with the name of Katy Richards, but the voice is completely different. It can't be the same singer. So I'm starting to think there really wasn't a Katy Richards. The label often threw around stage names, just to confuse us all. It worked.

This Lp goes easily unnoticed in the bins, maybe due to the fact that the album doesn't even have an image of the artist. Were they that short on cash? Maybe she was just really ugly, who knows. The quality of her performances on this record borders on karaoke, but the selection of real country standards makes this worth at least one listen. I couldn't hold back a chuckle the first time I heard her version of Misty Blue. But hey she's got an album, and I don't so I should just keep my mouth shut.

Don't Come Home A Drinkin'
The Hurtin's All Over
Misty Blue
Don't Touch Me
Live and Let Live
It's Been A Long Time
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
Second Hand Heart
Once A Day
Worried Mind

other tracks by the "other" Katy Richards. Same girl? Dunno.

All Alone Am I
Losing You
Judy's Turn To Cry

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